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The natural water filter

Pure and vital water, every day! #aqualine #saqua.

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Why a water filter?

The water company provides guaranteed potable tap water, but not 100% pure, clean and textured drinking water. Pipes in buildings can be damaged or outdated, so rust, dirt or other particles can get into your tap water. Additionally, more undesirable substances can be found in our tap and groundwater, think microplastics, PFAS/PFOS and other impurities. Bottled water is expensive, and also often contains microplastics that you don't want in your body, not to mention plastic waste.

So choose a quality water filter and make sure you don't become the filter yourself!

Taste the difference!

The Aqualine Water Filter

The aqualine water filter filters your tap, rain or well water to its purest and most natural form according to the principles of nature and gravity. This can be done even in case of calamities. 

The Aqualine water filter ensures that your drinking water is free of harmful substances, vitalized, energized and also sustainable. Not a drop of water is lost.

Aqualine water filter
Saqua Water Filter
The Saqua Water Filter

Do you prefer water through your water supply? Then the Saqua water filter is the solution. This modern yet compact filter is equipped with 3 separately advanced filters, which undergo a total of 6 steps of filtration and are also easy to replace. The Saqua is an answer to reverse osmosis systems (reversed osmosis), without wasting water, filters viruses and bacteria up to 99.99% and can be placed either on or under the countertop. Like our other filters, you don't need electricity.

What are the benefits of a water filter?

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Pure water

Unwanted tastes and odors are eliminated which provides a fresh taste.

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Goodbye bottled water

Environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water and reduce plastic waste.

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Having a water filter in your home will quickly save you several hundred dollars as a family.

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No electricity

Our systems require no electricity and can be placed anywhere.

Our mission

Stephan and Sara's goal is to inspire you to live a more conscious and healthy balanced life, so that you too can get everything out of your life and do what makes you happy.

Feeling good in your skin is important in this, as is the importance of pure water, clean air and minerals.

Therefore, it is our mission to offer you the highest quality water filter, air filter and cell force so that you too can enjoy life to the fullest.

 - Viva Vitae -

pH neutral or Alkaline/Redox

At Aqua-Vitae, we offer to make your water alkaline. By doing so, you create an environment in which viruses find it difficult to thrive. When consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle, alkaline water helps neutralize the harmful effects of excessive acidity in your body and also helps detoxify it.

This can be done in two ways. Directly through your water system with the pH ring or redox filter or with the supplement Cell Force.

Spa Fruits And Herbs Bottled Infused Water

Why an air purifier?

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Removal of viruses & allergens

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Removal of odors & gases

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Removal of bacteria and fungi

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Contribution to better sleep quality

Saqua Pure Air Air Purifier
Saqua Pure Air Air Purifier

Our air purifier is designed with you and your family in mind. Some air purifiers filter dander, hair and dust. Others eliminate odors and chemicals. 

This sleek yet functional portable system combats air pollutants such as viruses and removes up to 99.99% of microbes and more than 99.99% of ultrafine particulate matter. It can also significantly reduce harmful pollutants such as emerging contaminants, chemicals, allergens, VOCs and more.

So it is your perfect companion on the road to optimal air quality and can be perfectly used around the little ones and your four-legged friends, as well as in the office or company.

Our most compact Aqualine water filter!

The Aqualine Neos made of glass or abs is a compact 5-in-1 water system that filters tap water, mineralizes, vitalizes and can also make the water alkaline. In other words, crystal clear and optimal drinking water in no time.

Aqualine Neos

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