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Nature as inspiration...

Aqua Vitae ~ As intended by nature.


Sara and Stephan

Water & Air Consultants

Aqua Vitae has more than 20 years of experience in purifying drinking water and air. The previous owner, toyed with the idea of making perfect, clean drinking water. This quest led Aqua Vitae to producers in Asia, specifically South Korea & Japan. There, they look at an optimal lifestyle slightly differently than here in the West. The purification of drinking water and clean air is something they know all too well.

After many years, Aqua Vitae was then taken over and by Sara De Groote and Stephan Maegh.

Sara was already active as an administrative clerk for Aqua Vitae and will continue this with Heart and Soul.

Stephan, has been drinking the water from the Aqua Vitae systems for 20 years and has also always recommended them to people in his natural healing and coaching practice, knowing that water, along with oxygen is the most important element for our bodies.

For us, and our children, attention to the individual and respect for the whole - values, to which we want to commit ourselves. Therefore, we are committed to the elementary things of life, such as water, air and supplemental support.

Preferably in the most natural, authentic form possible. All our products are based with the idea of improving the well-being of people around the world, without polluting our planet even more. This is the thought we want to propagate in the world. For a sustainable lifestyle in line with nature.

We look forward to supporting you with optimal and (h)honest drinking water, pure air and essential supplements.

Be welcome,

Stephan & Sara

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