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Stephan and Sara's goal is to inspire you to live a more conscious and healthy balanced life, so that you too can get everything out of your life and do what makes you happy.

From Asia, South Korea to Japan

Aqua Vitae since 1999

Aqua Vitae saw the light of day in 1999 with a vision. To provide the world with pure and vital water.

Looking for the highest quality water filters, we consulted with a range of manufacturers in Asia, specifically South Korea and Japan. After all, they look at the total picture. How does water behave in nature, how does it structure itself, what should be in the water and so much more. It felt right.

So soon it was decided to import the quality water filters from Doonam and Keosan, known today as Aqualine water filter. Thanks to these water filters, we provided the purest water in the households of hundreds of small and large families.

Water & Air Consultants

Air filters since 2018

Meanwhile, Aqua Vitae doesn't just offer pure water. Since 2018, we noticed that our customers' needs were quietly changing. While pure water still remained an important factor, we were also increasingly in demand for our idea of air quality. It does not take much explanation to turn to Asia for this as well. You should know that South Korea is the country with the strictest controls when it comes to the production of air purifiers, so it was a logical step to work with manufacturers from there.

Water & Air Consultants

Stephan & Sara

Meanwhile, Stephan & Sara are owners of Aqua Vitae. Stephan has known and drunk the water for over 20 years and has also recommended these filters in his practice as a naturopath for many years. Sara has also been working for several years as an administrative assistant within Aqua Vitae and is therefore a familiar voice.

When the question came up to take over Aqua Vitae, we didn't have to hesitate for long. New owners also bring a new wind and vision; this time is no different.

Stephan & Sara aim to inspire people to a more conscious and healthy balanced life, so that you too can get everything out of your life and do what makes you happy.

As such, Aqua Vitae's motto is #VivaVitae, or Live Your Life.

Stephan & Sara
Nowadays, everyone should have this in their home. Everyone who drinks a lot of water does so because it is healthy and delicious. Water from the aqualine is much healthier and even tastier!
Lisa Verstappen
Antwerp, Belgium
We are very happy with this water purifier, it tastes great. The pH is higher than tap water, so it is better for your body. It is convenient to use. Undoubtedly highly recommended!
Astrid Sorensen
Amsterdan, Netherlands

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