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Filter subscription

You have purchased an AQV/Aquavit water system from us or you have replaced the filters. This was an important investment to ensure that water is well filtered and healthy. The various filters extract chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, hormone and drug residues from the water. This insurance is only available if you also replace the filters annually.

The ceramic filter with a filter fineness of 0.2 microns (0.00002 cm) stops bacteria, the unresolved lime from the water pipe (that is the lime that causes the hard layer on the heating element of the kettle or blockages in your coffee machine).

The multi-step filter consists to a large extent of carbon. The carbon grains are hollow. The pollution forms a layer in the grain, another layer etc. This is called adsorbing. When the grain is full, it no longer absorbs pollution and over time it will start to give the pollution back to the water.


The manufacturer indicates that the multi-step filter must be replaced at least every year. People who filter more than 6 litres per day (2,000 litres per year) are more likely to have to replace the multi-step filter. Part of the multi-step filter is filled with active carbon. Carbon is sensitive to bacterial growth. In Germany, it is legally mandatory to replace filters containing carbon every six months. Some of the carbon in our filters is impregnated with colloidal silver to prevent bacterial formation. That’s why we can do it for an average of a year. The 2,000 liters is intended for people who filter a lot of water. They will have to replace the filter within a year.

We have your data in our database. About a year after purchasing your system or replacing your filters, we will give you a reminder. In practice, it appears that sometimes the message is not read or ends up in the spam box.

We therefore offer you a subscription so that you receive the necessary filters at the right time. Your investment in well-filtered and healthy water is on average €6 per month (depending on your system, the time you start the subscription and whether you filter more than 2000 litres per year).

The benefits of this subscription:

  • 15% off filters, pH ring, mineral stones
  • always the latest filters
  • delivered on time
  • no shipping costs
  • you can stop at any time and then get the amount already paid back.

As a welcome gift, we will give you a Vitalstick worth € 19.95 (as long as the stock lasts).

Monthly collection fee for the subscription filter

If you have just purchased the water filter system, or if you have recently replaced the stones, you can read in the table below what your monthly amount would be for the collection related to the filter subscription.

If you replaced the stones a long time ago, the monthly amounts are a bit higher at first. Once you’ve replaced the bricks again, you’ll also end up with the monthly amounts below for the filter subscription.

Water filter system Normal Monthly Amount Monthly amount Incl. 15% discount
AQV 5 litres with mineral stones pH neutral €6.31 €5.36
AQV 5 litres with mineral stones alkaline (including pH ring) €6.69 €5.86
AQV 12 litres with mineral stones pH neutral €6.53 €5.55
AQV 12 litres with mineral stones alkaline (including pH ring) €7.11 €6.04
AQV 18 litres with mineral stones pH neutral €6.75 €5.74
AQV 18 litres with mineral stones alkaline (including pH ring) €7.33 €6.23
AQV 18 litres with mineral stones and Redox filter €7.33 €6.23
AQV Neos with mineral stones Redox filter €6.61 €5.62
AQV Neos with mineral stones pH-neutral filter €6.28 €5.34

Prices shown are an indication. The correct amount depends on when your direct debit will take effect and when the mineral stones/Cormac ring will need to be replaced.

If you are interested in a subscription or want to know what your monthly amount will be please send us a message and we will make the exact calculation for you.