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Aqualine water filter

Water as intended by nature.


Enjoy (h)honest filtered water!

Enjoy (h)honest filtered water with an Aqua-Vitae water filter system. You filter, mineralize and vitalize your tap or rain water in a natural way. You also have the option of making your water slightly alkaline. 

By filtering your own tap water at home, you are also actively helping to reduce plastic waste.

Discover for yourself the convenience of Aqua-Vitae water filtration systems and enjoy the (h)honest taste of filtered tap water or even rain water.

Choose sustainable. Choose Aqua-Vitae!


Phase 1 - The Ceramic Filter

This ceramic filter is located in the filling tank and has a fineness of 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm). With this pre-filter you already remove much of the contamination from the water including bacteria, undissolved calcium and magnesium particles. The water slowly passes through the filter and then trickles into the multi-step filter.

Ceramic filter
Ceramic filter

Phase 2 - The multi-step filter

multi-step filter
The multi-step filter

The multi-step filter consists of several layers and contributes to good filtration:

1st Coat
High quality silver impregnated activated carbon type 30X60 with high uptake.
(Most common is type 20X40 with larger grain and less uptake).

2nd layer
Zeolite pellets. Environmentally friendly pellets with high adsorption value, filters chlorine compounds such as trihalomethane from the water and various heavy metals, softens the water.

3rd layer
Silica and combo beads. The balls are a combination of various substances including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Kaolin. They have a redox function and anti-bacteriological effect.

4th layer
Illite combo balls. Emit a far infrared frequency of 9.23 micrometers. This frequency vibrates in the same frequency as the human body. This activates cells, stimulates and increases micro blood circulation. They soften the water to a pH of about 7.5. Furthermore, they also have an anti-bacteriological effect.

5th layer (Aqualine 12)
Clay balls. Increase oxygen uptake in the blood and improve metabolism.

pH ring or Redox/Alacic

Within Aqua-Vitae, we want to offer you the choice of making your water alkaline, either through a pH ring or a redox/alkaline filter. If you don't want this, then choose the pH neutral version of the multi-step filter

The pH ring:

This pH ring increases the pH of your drinking water by 1 - 1.5 points. This makes the water slightly alkaline.

The contents of the pH ring consist of: Magnetite balls, zeolite balls, tourmaline balls, alkaline balls and magnesium balls.

You put this ring at the bottom between the mineral stones.

Important to know, the Ph-ring does NOT contribute to the filtration of your water.

The Redox Filter:

This filter consists of 2 parts: The multi-step filter and an IER (Ion Exchange Resin) filter. The multi-step filter contains active carbon (impregnated with silver), magnesium balls and bio ceramic balls. The IER filter contains a resin to exchange ions and makes your water slightly alkaline (increased by 1/1.5pH) and reduces the ORP value.

With this filter, chemicals, THMs (TriHaloMethane) heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides, hormone and drug residues, among others, are filtered out of the water.

The Redox filter is offered within the Neos and the Aqualine/Coolmart CL-101.

For the aqualine filter systems 5-12-18, you can choose the pH ring

For more information regarding alkaline water, please refer to the following page.

pH ring
pH ring
Redox filter

Mineral stones or Cormac ring/Mineral cassette

Mineral Stones
Cormac ring/Mineral cartridge

Mineral stones or the cormac ring/mineral cartridge are going to add back the minerals removed during filtration. In the lower tank are Elvan mineral stones. A special volcanic rock which only occurs in a few places on our earth. The Elvan stones in the Aqua-Vitae systems come from South Korea. These porous stones contain 18 different minerals that are slowly released into the filtered water. We are talking about the following minerals & trace elements: calcium, cobalt, copper, chromium, germanium, iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, silicon, sulfur and zinc. The amounts released in the process are similar to the minerals found in natural water. Some of these Elvan stones are impregnated with colloidal silver. This allows no bacterial action to take place in the stagnant water, making the water last longer.

As a customer, you have a choice between loose mineral stones, which you need to replace every three years (do clean annually) or a cormac ring/mineral cartridge, which you replace annually.


Vitalization is a special process that mimics nature. Water in nature will never move in a straight line the way our drinking water is pumped through pipes. Water in nature rushes against a rock or other unevenness in the river, falls down a waterfall or is propelled through a curve. In this process, the water is put into a vortex where the water molecules (H2O) are given a beautiful structure by hydrogen bonds. The magnetic tap contains 4 different magnets of 1200 Gauss. The plus and minus of these magnets lie alternately. This creates a vortex similar to what happens in nature. Due to the magnetic action, smaller clusters of the water molecules are created. This creates a hexagonal structure, which in turn ensures better absorption into our bodies.

Magnetic tap